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Are you struggling with your child’s Tears and Tantrums?

Is your child not sleeping through the night?

Does your child whinge and complain no matter what you do to try to satisfy him/her?

Does the bed-routine take longer and longer?

Is your child a picky eater?

Is your toddler aggressive toward other children?

Are you often stressed and is it hard for you to stay calm and serene?

Do you want to understand the feelings of your children more?

Do you want strategies to discipline your child in loving ways without rewards and punishment?

Do you want more fun in your life with your child/ren?

Do you want to understand your feelings better?

Do you want a relationship with your child that is full of trust, understanding and compassion rather than power and powerlessness?

What do we do in these situations?

We would like to help our children out of certain behaviours, but a lot of us do not know how without using punishment, threats or reward systems. It is often too exhausting to think about other strategies.

Where is the support in this rewarding yet under valued job as a parent?

Every parent deserves support. What an enormous emotional job we are doing. Would you like to get helpful information and tools, and to implement them in your family life? Would you like to take the time to reflect upon what you value in your parenting?

You are in the right hands. I am a certified Parenting by Connection instructor through Hand in Hand Parenting.

Parenting by Connection offers well-researched information to help us understand us and our children better. It teaches parents and caregivers practical tools to help children ways out of unhelpful behaviour and support the connection, cooperation and the fun in our family life.

I run workshops, give talks and give individual sessions.

Please use the opportunity to get support.

I write English and German articles around parenting and self-investigation. I hope to inspire and strengthen the parent child connection and bring more fun into the life with children.

I like to encourage to try new strategies to free us from the old power-paradigm of parenting. To find that parenting can be fun and to raise happy and connected children is possible without neglecting your needs or using punishment and reward systems.

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