Shit-Mama or my swearing angel

My daughter is 4 3/4 years old and since she is born I see her as a magnificent mirror of what is going on for me. I want to share one of my recent enlightening.

We moved from Germany to Australia about 5 month ago. Maya has been very aggressive (hitting, kicking), frustrated and swear-y since then. Particulate the word “shit” was heard in our house frequently.  And it was very uncomfortable for me to be called “shit Mama”. In the beginning I tried to reason with her and explaining why I or my partner sometimes use the word when we are really frustrated or angry and that I would prefer not to be called “shit Mama” because it hurts and I would never call her things like that… of course it did not stop her…. Continue reading

Love withdrawal

From Love withdrawal to compassion with ourselves….

Punishment is something I feel really uncomfortable with. I do my best not to punish my child and I learn more and more not to punish myself.

However when I am feeling powerless I resort to the punishment of love-withdrawal. And it is not a very comfortable thing to do. I do hurt when I punish Maya (5 years). I withdraw my love as it was withdrawn from me. Continue reading